The BERYLLIUM GROUP brings together a team of engineers, draftsmen and technicians trained in mechanical engineering and civil engineering. We offer consulting, design and site support services for projects in bulk handling, log handling, lumber handling, lifting equipment, industrial piping and steel structures.


COVID-19 Mining Operations with minimal staff

21 avril 2020|Commentaires fermés sur COVID-19 Mining Operations with minimal staff

No one to take care of the conveyor's problems ?  No one to clean the mess ? No workers should waist their time cleaning the material leaking from your conveyors. Maybe it is the right [...]

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Engineered Transfer Chutes

28 septembre 2017|Commentaires fermés sur Engineered Transfer Chutes

The loading and discharge of conveyor belts is the area where many, if not most, of the problems in solids conveying occur.  In most cases, inadequate design of the transfer chutes is the main [...]

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The challenges of cold weather projects

10 août 2015|Commentaires fermés sur The challenges of cold weather projects

Winter temperatures in northern Canada can easily drop to -50°C.  At such extreme temperatures, steel becomes very brittle and susceptible to damage from impacts. In addition, snow load, blowing snow and ice build-up can [...]